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Reed Family Wellness

Reed Family Wellness Centre responsive web design by Better Mousetrap Marketing

About This Project

I have had the pleasure of working with Jason from the Better Mousetrap team for the past two years and during that time have reaped the huge rewards of their marketing strategies.


Jason has brought a unique blend of creative, current, and innovative thinking to our marketing that has led to results that exceed our expectations.


He has held us steadfast to both our plan and budget when we have been tempted to overspend but offered great insight into new opportunities when the right ones are available.


Most importantly, it is always a pleasure to meet with Jason. He keeps our meetings light and fun, on task, and always focused on our business. He is a true team player, loves his job, and is truly dedicated to the success of our business. After two years of working with better mousetrap I can’t imagine entrusting such an important part of our business to anyone else.


Dr. Glen Reed, Reed Family Wellness Centre

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